10 natural tips for perfect skin

Food, sleep, air and motion: everything you need to know to get perfect skin naturally. A decalogue of good habits to fight acne and wrinkles.

perfect skin

Perfect skin is an evident sign of an organism that works properly. Taking care of your skin means first of all improving your lifestyle. How to fight the imperfections that afflict our skin in a healthy way?

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perfect skin

1 – Hydration: the first rule is to drink! Skin hydration mainly depends on the amount of water present in our body. The greater the amount of water we consume, the greater the benefits that our skin can experience. Generally, well-hydrated skin appears soft, elastic and overall younger

2 – Nutrition: To treat the skin from the inside it is necessary to follow a diet rich in legumes, fruits and vegetables. If possible, it would be a good idea to limit yourself to taking red meat, foods rich in fat, sugars and caffeine. Yes, the coffee we drink every morning makes wrinkles come!

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3 – Exercise: The main enemy of our skin is stress: skin reactions are often inflammatory in nature. How many times during a stressful period did we find an outlet on the face? To prevent this type of reaction and therefore to combat stress, our best ally is exercise: Yoga, Pilates, Running, it’s up to you to choose the discipline that most inspires you.

4 – Sleep: Whoever sleeps little ages faster. And this also applies to the skin. We should improve the quality of our sleep starting from quantifying the hours that are dedicated to it. Not less than 8 hours is what doctors advise to maintain our quality of life and achieve the perfect skin goal.

5 – Do not smoke: An excellent reason to quit smoking is this: it ruins the skin. In fact, nicotine inhibits the passage of blood flow from the rest of the body to the skin. As a result, oxygenation of the tissues is prevented, which thus begin to yield.

6 – Photoexposure: If on the one hand the interaction between sunlight and skin is fundamental, for the synthesis of vitamin D, on the other, if not controlled, it can cause side effects. Exposing yourself to sunlight is advisable, but only in the less intense hours and obviously always using sunscreens suitable for our complexion.

7 – Environment: As we know, the skin repairs itself during sleep. Resting in a dry environment can dehydrate it and make it rough.To remedy this inconvenience, you can put a basin of water near the radiator.

Perfect skin

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8 – Detox: A detoxifying cure can be very useful to visibly improve the skin situation. Toxins, dirty water and aggressive cosmetics can damage it, especially in the face area. A glass of lemonade every morning, before breakfast, is the first step to start a detoxifying cure in favor of our external appearance, to obtain perfect skin in a short time.

9 – Cleansing: Some cosmetic cleaners are too aggressive and often change the balance of the skin. For this reason, the use of natural detergents is recommended, such as Aleppo soap, composed of laurel oil, known for its antiseptic, antioxidant, soothing, nourishing and moisturizing properties. It can be used as a make-up remover or as a mask if left on the face for a few minutes.

10 – Natural treatments: Instead of investing money in the purchase of expensive cosmetics and often containing chemicals, why not treat the skin with sustainable ingredients? For each type of skin there is a natural substance ready to cure its problems. For example, clay is a powerful ally for oily skin, honey for dry skin, and cucumber for sensitive skin. The amount of natural remedies for the skin is very large, so the choice is yours!

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