custom diet keto plan

Have you tried a multitude of diets without success? Tired of those few extra pounds? You are ready for the high protein custom keto diet plan. Safe and without medical prescription, it effectively treats overweight while ensuring satiety.

In the area of ​​weight loss, high protein diets have nothing more to prove. For 50 years, they have supported overweight people in their health and wellness projects. Numerous scientific studies, including that of Professor Blackburn, of Harvard University in the United States, demonstrate the efficiency of the high protein diet. Weight loss is quick and easy, without losing muscle mass or achieving skin tone.

Composed of proteins of very high biological value, the high protein custom diet Keto provides comfort to users. You keep the pleasure of eating, while losing weight. Ketoplan has developed 120 different flavors, available in drinks, sweet and savory solutions, ready meals and cookies. High quality products that provide the necessary nutritional balance. The hyperprotein diet is a comprehensive approach to the treatment of overweight that is approached in a staggered manner.

Lose weight step by step
The plan comes in four distinct levels. The first is the strict protein diet. It allows very rapid weight loss on the adipose mass. The body is then in ketogenesis, while keeping the muscle capital intact. At this point, you consume only the high protein sachets Ketofine21, vegetables, sugar-free drinks and some seasonings. The diet is put in place without hunger or fatigue. Have you reached 70% of your weight loss goal!

Direction level 2, corresponding to the mixed diet. This phase combines high protein meals and natural food proteins (eggs, fish, lean meats), some vegetables and some dairy products.

Learn to eat better
Next comes level 3, the transition phase combining codified breakfast with fruit and bread, high protein meals Keto custom diet Ketoplan and food proteins. At this point, you begin to incorporate the essential rules of dietetics.

Once 90% of your weight loss goal has been reached, level 4 begins. Stabilization phase, it is identical to level 3, with the addition of starchy foods. This is a period of consolidation of the results obtained.Thanks to a progressive re-education in food, you will acquire the basics of a healthy and varied diet to ensure the sustainability of your victory over excess pounds.

Stabilize your weight
Thanks to the high nutritional content of its products and its effective technique of gentle thinning, Keto diet offers you the possibility of getting rid of your extra pounds, while keeping a real motivation throughout your diet, with visible results. . You are thus involved in your slimming program. Using the high protein diet Keto diet plan Ketoplan is ensuring a return to an ideal weight, and without relapse!

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