Detox diet: 3 days to detoxify and get back in shape

Do you want to eliminate excess fluids and toxins to feel lighter? Try the detox diet and rebalance the well-being of the whole organism.

Detox diet: what it is and how to do it.

Following a detox diet ( or a good diet here )can be a valuable aid to lose weight quickly, but above all to run in aid of the liver, kidneys and intestines.

Because these organs, together with skin and lungs, not only take care of bringing nourishment to the cells but also expelling toxins body.

Our body responds to everything that happens to us with specific symptoms that we must however understand. And most of the time it’s not that simple.

So let’s pay a little more attention to the signals our body sends us, and learn to listen to it.

So pay attention:

  • to the disorders of the alvo, not always and only constipation, but many times an alternation between constipation and diarrhea;
  • the appearance of unexpected spots on the skin;
  • persistent difficulty in concentration, tiredness and exhaustion;
  • to halitosis and changes in the odor of sweat and urine.

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These are the warning signs of a fatigue of the excretory organs, of a state of suffering that, sooner or later, may develop into illness.

In these conditions, in fact, liver, kidneys, intestines, but also skin and lungs work a lot, taking energy away from the nervous system, the immune system but also from the muscle and gastrointestinal system.

Such a debilitated organism will be easy prey to bacteria and viruses, and easily become ill.

When to do a detox diet

Surely the appearance of the symptoms listed above, should alarm you and make you understand that perhaps it is time to run for cover.

But, rather than reaching that point, you could use the detox diet in particular circumstances at risk of “intoxication and accumulation”, such as:

  • periods when you have made several tears to the rule at the table (see Christmas, Easter and summer holidays);
  • long-lasting or particularly aggressive drug therapies;
  • periods of severe work or psychological stress;
  • season changes.

In the preventive phase, the detox diet (or a good diet here ) could perform its maximum effectiveness, restoring balance in a slowed and clumsy system.

Detox diet: menu for 3 days

Sometimes a few precautions are enough to bring the situation back to dontrollo levels.

The 3-day detox diet is not particularly restrictive, it is easy to follow, well balanced and above all varied, rich in draining and detoxifying foods. It is important not to drop below a calorie intake of 1200 calories per day, in order to avoid acidosis.

We remind you that it is always advisable to seek the advice of your general practitioner or, better, a nutritionist, before starting a diet: these professionals will be able to assess the most suitable diet for their dietary needs on a case-by-case basis, without health risks.

Here is the diet to follow for three days (if you want you can repeat it after a week but never for a period longer than three days).

1st day:

Breakfast: Green tea – 2 corn cakes – 3 teaspoons of unsweetened lemon or bitter orange jam (fruits with fat-melting action).

Snack: 1 bowl of berries (rich in antioxidants).

Lunch: I50 g of Belgian salad (purifying) – 80 g of brown rice (anti-swelling, helps the intestine).

Snack: 1 slice of fresh pineapple (diuretic).

Dinner: 150 g steamed hake – 200 g fennel (diuretics).

2nd day.

Breakfast: Green tea – 2 rice cakes – 3 teaspoons of honey (energizing).

Snack: 1 pear (regulates the intestine).

Lunch: 150 g of sprouts (remineralizing, vitaminizing and diuretics) – 80 g of barley (diuretic) and 2 courgettes (diuretic).

Snack: 1 soy pudding (helps stimulate endorphins and serotonin production).

Dinner: 120 g of chicken (brings noble proteins useful for muscles and anti-fat) to the grill – 200 g of carrots (rich in antioxidants).

3rd day

Breakfast: Barley coffee (diuretic) – 2 rice cakes – 3 teaspoons of quince jam (energizing).

Snack: 1 pink grapefruit (rich in enzymes, vitamins and antioxidant minerals).

Lunch: 150 g of chicory (blood purifying and diuretic) – 80 g of spelled pasta (does not promote abdominal swelling).

Snack: Rice milk with a teaspoon of cocoa powder (improves mood and alleviates nervous hunger).

Dinner: 100 g of veal roast (provides noble proteins useful for the muscles and anti-fat) – Steamed broccoli – 50 g of rice (it is anti-swelling) boiled or steamed.

Before going to bed, pamper yourself with a cup of purifying herbal tea with dandelion, artichoke, milk thistle, nettle, rosemary and gentian: the only sweetener allowed is maple juice.

In addition, to season dishes entrusted to ginger and turmeric and avoid any other type of seasoning.

Finally, remember that there is no diet without water: drink at least 8 glasses a day!

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