How to eliminate blackheads

How to prevent and eliminate blackheads from the face that form after dilatation.

How to eliminate blackheads

Blackheads are formed after dilation, opening and oxidation of whiteheads or blackheads. Black spots often affect the area of the nose, chin and other areas of the face, but they can also appear on other parts of the body, including the back: in this article let’s see what to do to eliminate blackheads of the face.

The right cosmetics to eliminate blackheads

To avoid the formation of blackheads and eliminate existing blackheads, the first rule is to follow a correct daily skincare, in the morning and in the evening.

In the morning, the face must be cleansed with delicate products useful for remove the sebum accumulated on the skin during the night; after cleansing, the application of an astringent tonic and a purifying moisturizing cream with sebum-regulating action may help.

In the evening, normally before going to sleep, the skin must be cleaned more carefully to eliminate makeup residues, using a detergent to be applied and removed with make-up remover pads.

For a more effective face cleaning you can use the sponge or the appropriate face brush.

Even after cleaning the evening face, you can resort to the use of an astringent tonic and a moisturizing cream rich in purifying and antioxidant substances.

Make-up must be chosen based on the characteristics of your skin, therefore in case of blackheads better avoid too occlusive or comedogenic products, which tend to clog pores and favor the formation of blackheads and pimples.

In the case of blackheads, it is better to choose a mineral foundation or a light foundation specifically formulated for impure and sensitive skin.

Remedies to eliminate blackheads

In addition to following a correct skinecare routine, to eliminate blackheads, it can help to use scrubs, purifying masks and facial saunas.

The scrub is a treatment that should be performed no more than once a week and is useful for removing dead cells, promoting cell turnover and preventing the formation of blackheads.

The scrub can be purchased ready to use or prepared at home with a few simple ingredients such as brown sugar, honey, olive oil and lemon juice.

Purifying masks are clay packs (which absorbs excess sebum) astringent hydrolates and antibacterial essential oils: they can be prepared at home and carried out two or three times a week in case of impure skin with blackheads.

The masks can also be prepared with different ingredients such as honey and turmeric or fresh vegetables.

There are also specific masks on the market for removing blackheads, such as the black mask.

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The facial sauna instead serves to dilate the pores and to facilitate the elimination of blackheads through scrubs and masks: it can be carried out with the appropriate electric face sauna or simply by bringing the water to a boil in a large pot.

Blackheads should never be squeezed with the fingers as there is a risk of injuring the skin or inflammation: if the blackheads do not improve despite the care and do-it-yourself treatments, it is better to consult a beautician for eliminate them effectively and without risk.

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