FOODS FOR SLIMMING – In this article we will tell you about them.


Need or want to slim down a bit? I looked for you on the study of 5 fat – burning foods that will help you lose weight without breaking the bank. These 5 foods are pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, lemon, and green tea. Yes, you have to love fruit and green tea! Be careful though: these foods do not make you lose weight. They help eliminate fat but must still be accompanied by a low calorie diet. 



Most useful for those who have water retention or cellulite. On the other hand, the most effective part of the pineapple is … its stem! It indeed contains an enzyme called bromelain which decongests the tissues. There are pineapple stem powder in capsules but nothing beats a good fresh pineapple. And in addition, it will be cheaper …



This fruit has a huge nutritional quality as its main virtue. It also fights against constipation. Finally, it also fights cellulite, by attacking collagen. Papaya is a little more expensive than pineapple per kilo, when it is out of season, however you can consume papaya leaves in certain infusions. They have the same weight loss qualities.



It is very easy to find and taste, as a starter or as a dessert. Its fat burner benefits have never been 100% proven, but it is full of vitamins C and above all extremely low in calories. They are found all year round, even at the supermarket, and it is an inexpensive citrus fruit. 


This food is not there either to “make you lose weight” by itself. But lemon will help you digest and detoxify you. The citric acid it contains helps break down fat.

Green tea

It is, among the 5 foods studied here, your most active slimming ally. It foods for slimming you to consume a lot of water which helps to eliminate, to accumulate antioxidants and especially, it contains tannins which prevent the body from assimilating fats.

It’s your turn … Have you tried eating these foods to aid weight loss? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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