hair loss : natural tips and remedies

Stress, the use of chemicals on the hair and some diseases are among  the main causes of hair loss. But it is possible to prevent and limit this  phenomenon through natural  remedies capable of fortifying and  nourishing the hair fiber.  Discover  casue and natural treatments againsthair loss.

hair loss

Hair loss in men and women is completely natural during a day: the hair detaches from the bulb to make way for new hair and this is a more than normal regeneration process.

But if you notice that you are starting to lose a lot of hair constantly when we comb our hair, when we shower or when we pass our hand in the middle of the hair, there could be a problem upstream not to be overlooked, especially if our hair is dull  , off and if we begin to detect a thinning.

The phenomenon of hair loss is very complex and can have several causes and not all of them lead to a solution. For example, age and genetic predisposition can lead to hair loss, but it is very difficult to intervene to block this natural process. However, there are many other causes, determined by our lifestyle and our physical condition, on which to act effectively, through natural treatments for hair loss.

The causes of hair loss

In addition to genetic and physiological factors, such as seniority, the other possible causes of hair loss are:

  • Use of aggressive chemicals: the more you use products with aggressive chemical ingredients, the more you will meet to a thinning hair. This is the case of dyes and bleaching substances, or of certain lacquers and  some fixative products that deplete the hair, damage it and cause it to fall out.
  • Specific pathologies: in this case, it is good to consult an expert doctor who can give you the most suitable treatment for some  diseases such as alopecia, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis etc.  These pathologies, if neglected, will lead to hair  loss and you will experience very annoying symptoms such as itching, peeling of the skin, thinning of the hair,  redness and dandruff.
  •  Excessive weight loss: if you are going on a diet and you need to lose a certain number of pounds, we advise you to get support from a nutritionist who can guarantee the right nutrition for the body. Many DIY diets  deplete the body and cause hair loss.
  • Hormonal imbalances: hormonal imbalances mainly affect women, even during the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding where you tend to lose a lot of hair. The phenomenon of hair loss can also be found in the case  of imbalances in the female genital system, or in the thyroid.  Also in this case, it is recommended to intervene with the support of an expert specialist doctor.
  • Stress: stress is unfortunately a major cause of hair loss in both men and women. This is why it is important to try to lead a peaceful life by practicing sports and meditation techniques.
  • Unbalanced diet: eating badly and in an unbalanced way can lead to hair loss especially if the vitamins and minerals needed to nourish and regenerate the hair fiber are lacking. Even if you don’t have to lose weight, there are many people who eat not with the idea of nourishing the  body, but only to reduce the sense of hunger. In this case, it is very important to follow a balanced diet.

A healthy and safe diet is described in this article Custom Keto Diet 

Natural remedies for hair loss

If there are hardly reversible causes, such as age and genetic factors, we can try to resort to some                    effective natural remedies for hair loss. Let’s see what they are.

   1. Nettle extract.

Nettle is a fundamental ingredient to prevent hair loss. The nettle extract is an excellent  remineralizing and fortifying agent and can be taken orally, as a dry extract in capsules, or you can find it as  the  base of many hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions and masks.  The nettle extract can be  purchased  in the herbal medicine shop by making you recommend the right dosage and method of use.  In  addition, remember  that together with nettle you can also use rosemary, in the form of essential oil or infusion to  rub on the hair.

    2. Daily use of natural products.

To try to prevent hair loss, get used to using only natural products starting from cleaning, up to specific treatments such as lotions. Try, if possible, not to undergo aggressive bleaching or  dyeing that can cause thinning hair.

    3.Fortifying mask.

You can easily create this fortifying mask for hair using this DIY recipe based on yogurt, a food rich in moisturizing fatty acids, essential oil of rosemary with remineralizing properties and nourishing olive oil.


  • Natural whole yogurt ›30 gr
  • Rosemary essential oil› 5 drops
  • Olive oil ›5 ml


In a glass bowl put all the ingredients of the recipe and mix for a long time with a wooden spoon until a soft emulsion is obtained. Apply the mixture on the skin and on the entire length of the hair and leave it on for 25 minutes. Proceed with washing using a mild shampoo. This fortifying mask can be repeated once every 10 days.

      4. Henna.

Henna is a natural powder that has the function of coloring, but also of regenerating and strengthening hair. We recommend using henna powder by adding it to ready-made hair masks (1 teaspoon in 10 ml of product); or you can mix the henna powder with water until you get a thick paste to be applied directly on the skin and hair. In this  case,  leave on for at least an hour to allow the henna to dye your hair.

       5. Apple cider vinegar.

Among the grandmother’s remedies for hair loss we mention apple cider vinegar. It stimulates the opening of the pores and therefore the absorption of the enzymes that strengthen the scalp. Make an apple vinegar compress to apply to the hair. Leave to rest for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This treatment should be done at least once every two weeks.

       6. Soothing aloe vera pack.

Applying aloe vera to hair helps to strengthen it. This aloe-based pack, in addition to being reinforcing, has the function of soothing the skin, especially in the case of dermatitis, dandruff and scalp irritation. Simply take aloe vera gel and distribute it evenly over the skin. You can enrich this remedy against hair loss by adding a few drops of lavender essence with an antiseptic and calming action. Leave the aloe vera gel in place for about twenty minutes and rinse thoroughly. You can repeat this pack once a week.

        7. Ginger.

Ginger has many properties, including hair health. It prevents hair loss and stimulates hair regrowth. To use it, you can prepare a compress with a teaspoon of chopped ginger and a spoonful of vegetable oil to be applied to the scalp half an hour before shampooing.

         8. Coconut oil.

Coconut oil strengthens the hair and prevents it from falling out. To use it, simply apply a few drops on the scalp half an hour before shampooing. Alternatively, to make your hair shiny, you can apply a few drops of this oil on the hair ends immediately after shampooing.

          9. Mix of nourishing vegetable oils.

Making a mix of restructuring and nourishing vegetable oils will allow you to prevent hair loss and your hair will be  full-bodied and shiny.

Here are the ingredients for this recipe:

  • Coconut oil ›10 ml
  • Amla oil› 10 ml
  • Sweet Almond Oil ›10 ml


In a dark glass bottle with dropper add the three vegetable oils and use this compound for compresses to keep on the hair even for a few hours. Then proceed with normal washing with a neutral shampoo. You can do this treat once a week.

           10. Shea butter and linseed oil.

This is one of the remedies against hair loss because the action of shea butter together with linseed oil will nourish,  hydrate and regenerate the hair fiber. Just dissolve a little shea butter (about 15 g) in a water bath and, once cooled, add 5 ml of flaxseed oil. Use this mixture on the scalp and hair and leave it on for half an hour. Then rinse with a natural shampoo. This treatment can be done once a week and will also allow you to soothe the skin from irritation.

           11. Avocado mask.

Making an avocado-based hair mask is very simple and will be useful against a dull, arid and thinning hair. Take the fruit of half an avocado and blend it; add whole yogurt enough to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Spread the mask on the skin and hair and leave it on for twenty minutes. Immediately after, wash your hair thoroughly.  You can repeat this mask twice a month.

           12. Natural supplements.

To strengthen hair and prevent hair loss, it is recommended to take natural supplements during certain periods of the year, in particular in conjunction with spring and autumn which are the seasons where the greatest hair loss  problems can occur. The natural supplements you find on the market are based on millet, nettle, burdock, horsetail, wheat germ oil, vitamins and minerals. Again, rely on the advice of an experienced herbalist or pharmacist. For  further information, please see: Natural supplements to promote hair health: what it is and how to use it.

13. Aromatherapy against stress.

If it is true that one of the main causes of hair loss is stress, it is important to allow yourself moments of deep relaxation, also thanks to the use of the most suitable essential oils for aromatherapy.  In particular, we advise you to put a few drops of essential oil in an essence burner and benefit from its extraordinary properties. The most  suitable essences against stress are: lavender, orange blossom, bergamot, sweet orange, vanilla, cinnamon.

Precautions for hair health

Hair washing is very important for the prevention of hair loss and health. The advice is not to wash them every day because too many washes can ruin the scalp, making hair more fragile, favoring its fall. For the same reason it is essential to rinse them thoroughly and avoid leaving shampoo residues on the hair. Those with oily hair  should wash them more often than those with dry hair, but not more than once every 2 days. During the washing of the hair then, it is advisable to carry out the last rinse with warm water (not hot and not too cold) and apple cider vinegar, to also remove limescale residues from the hair.

Furthermore, to avoid massive exposure to the sun, smog and atmospheric agents, which damage the hair, it is useful to cover them with a scarf or a hat. Finally, periodically performing a massage on the scalp stimulates blood circulation, with a revitalizing effect on the follicles.For a better effect, essences of rosemary or lavender can be used.

You have seen what are the natural remedies against hair loss, to prevent and treat this ailment. Leave us a comment and tell us your experience!