Lose bellyMany men and women have a tummy complex that they find too swollen. The flat stomach often makes them dreambut it is very difficult to achieve. It is important to know that a bumpy belly can be caused by embarrassment, overeating in daily life or poor digestion. So it’s not necessarily a fatality and here are some tips to help you lose your belly?

Drink draining drinks to lose weight from the stomach

Draining drinks will help you deflate and lose your stomach, provided that you will also lighten your diet. Drink at least 2 liters per day throughout the day. Eliminate sodas and soft drinks that make your stomach swell. There are several drinks available to help you lose weight effectively.

Hot water

Before breakfastwarm water helps the body to get rid of toxins because it has a cleansing effect and helps in gastrointestinal cleansing.Cheap, effective and without side effects. It can be drunk hot or warm on an empty stomach in the morning.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has an appetitesuppressingdetoxifying and fatburning effect and therefore helps enormously to lose weight in the belly. The ideal is to drink it on an empty stomach in the morning in a large glass of hot water.

Cinnamon infusion

Beneficial for diabetesit also has an appetite suppressant and fatburning effect and facilitates weight loss. Drink it when you wake up and between meals.

Ginger infusion

This draining herbal tea (which can be drunk during the day, cold or hot) calms the appetite and provides energy to help lose weight in the stomach.

The infusion of yerba mate

Also called mate teait accelerates the burning of fat and stimulates the body, without having the unpleasant effects of coffee (insomnia and nervousness). It also slows down the progression of the food bolus and therefore increases the duration of satiety. It is consumed at the rate of 3 cups a day.

Green tea

Green tea helps control weight by helping digestionstimulating and draining the live rand promoting the conversion of fat into energyas well as being an excellent appetite suppressant. To lose weightdrink green tea 3 times a day.

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Do massages to lose belly fat

Massages are very effective for quickly losing your belly. They exist in the form of two methods:

The palpated roller

The palpationrolling massage consists of pinching a bead and rolling it in a horizontal line from the bottom up. This massage activates lipolysis, i.ethe removal of fat. You can easily perform a palpated roller massage at home using suction cups that reproduce this massage.


The kneading consists of pouring the oil on the belly and pressing (first gently and then stronger) from top to bottom and from bottom to top, with a flat hand and then with the edge of the hand. Oils without massage have no effect on belly slimming, but combinations give good results.

A cataplasm of climbing ivy (composed of a paste of climbing ivy leaves reduced to powder and mixed with a little water) which is applied to the belly with a brush and left to act for 15 minutes.

Practice sports

 and adequate exercise

to lose weight

Do specific exercisesthey will help you melt belly fat.

  • Squatting abdominals and pushups : squatting abs should be practiced 8 times a day, without ever blocking breathing. Push-ups will strengthen the abdominal muscles. They should be done every day for 10 or 30 minutes.
  • Walking: To dissolve belly fat, you should walk as fast as possible for 45 minutes to 1 hour every day or at least 3 or 4 times a week. Remember to roll up your belly and don’t let it go.
  • Jogging: makes the stomach slimmer by promoting the elimination of toxins. You should run 2 or 3 times a week for 40 or 45 minutes. Start slowly for a quarter of an hour and then gradually accelerate.
  • Cycling: dissolves cellulite and belly swells if you ride a bicycle twice a week for 90 minutes (or every day for 20 minutes).
  • Indoor sports: do 20 to 30 minutes of regular and intensive weight training sessions, cycling, treadmill (the most effective), rowing or even toning or ballet dancing.

Learn to relax to lose weight

Despite a proper diet and sportyou