Do you want to lose weight in a week? Here are 10 tips to lose weight quickly

We are always looking for a way to achieve a goal that many would like to achieve: lose weight quickly. But the problem is this: how to lose weight quickly? It is not easy to understand how to lose weight in a week, diets are marathons, but if you want to try sprinting instead, you can try to do a tour de force to lose weight in a short time.

In this regard, we provide you with ten tips that may be useful to you in defeating a few extra kilograms in just seven days.

As for how many kilos you can lose per week, it can be estimated around the kilo-kilo and a half, also because a higher quantity (possible only with a drastic diet) is not advisable for health: losing 2 kg a week hurts.

We do not propose,therefore,a miraculous (and unhealthy) lightning diet, nor a diet to lose 5 kg in a week (and not even a diet to lose weight 10 kg in a month), but ten rules to follow to lose weight. Ten useful tips :

Drink a glass of water before each meal – If you get used to drinking a glass of water before each meal, you will feel more hydrated and fuller, which will help prevent overeating. It has been shown by studies that people who apply this trick are able to reduce the consumption of 400 calories every day, certainly a great help to lose weight quickly.

Switch to stevia – sugar in food and drink is one of the big culprits for many diet plan failures. If you need to sweeten your meals, use stevia, it is a non-caloric sweetener, so you can lower the calories you eat during the day, one of the keys to losing weight.

Switch to black chocolate – most women around the world need sweets every day, indulge in a whim to silence endorphins. Many use chocolate to do it, but in your case use black chocolate, which contains better nutrients to strengthen your health, such as antioxidants, and also contains fewer calories as well as being an excellent ally for speeding up your metabolism.

Check the rations – If you want to lose weight, keep an eye on the portions you make with each meal.Measure the quantities, use smaller dishes to not eat the full amount that usually has a large plate, because we are used to eating everything we put on the plate, so if this is smaller there will be a reduction in calories.

More movement – even if you are not very prone to sport, you have to do it to burn some extra calories. Take breaks during work to walk to the office, choose to go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, leave the car every day a little further from work to walk more. With these simple changes, you can burn excess calories.

Don’t Drink Calories – many people fail to lose weight because of the calories in their drinks. Not only do we take calories from what we eat, but also from what we drink. The sugary drinks are out!

Avoid being hungry – To lose weight it is not necessary to starve, on the contrary, it is impossible to achieve our goal if we are always hungry. Eat 5 meals a day, every 3 hours for example, thus avoiding low blood sugar levels and losing weight by eating.

Eat foods high in protein and fiber: these foods are perfect for reaching your goal, because you will feel fuller all day, so as to avoid eating excess calories. A protein and high fiber diet helps you lose more weight (but we recommend reading the pros and cons of a high-protein diet).

Do not eat late – Dinner with a maximum of 25% calories per day should be done about 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. Eating too much can cause digestion problems, bad rest and the accumulation of excess calories in the form of fat, as it is not burned before falling asleep.

Sleeping more – lack of sleep makes us eat more during the day and we have no energy to play sports. You should try to sleep around 7 hours a day, even more if possible.

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Having commented on your successes! We will support you.