Masturbation: 9 benefits for the body

It reconciles deeper sleep, stimulates heart activity, reduces stress: masturbation (for him and her) brings a series of benefits for the body that perhaps not everyone does not know. We present 9 of them.


Masturbation, because

it is good for health

Until a few decades ago nobody would have dreamed of talking about the benefits of masturbation: for our grandmothers, notoriously, autoerotism brought with it only misfortunes such as blindness, acne and other disasters related to specific places of origin.

Times – fortunately – have changed, and today we can discover (and benefit) from all the advantages that a healthy and conscious libido brings. That’s why masturbation is good for his and her health.

Masturbation , 9 benefits

for him and her

1. Helps you know your body.

The pursuit of pleasure leads you to explore your body and consequently to know what we like and what we don’t like. That’s why autoeroticism is important, especially for women and especially for women who have never experienced an orgasm. Try it (maybe with a sex toy) to believe it!

2. Improve couple sex.

The know-how that you acquire on your own can be transferred between the sheets. You can tell your partner (verbally or with gestures) which are your most sensitive areas and how you prefer to be stimulated and ask him or her to do the same. With an exponential increase in the pleasure of both.

3. Decreases stress (and increases mood).

Oxytocin and dopamine are sworn enemies of stress and ally № 1 in good humor. And masturbation causes both to circulate.

4. Promotes sleep.

Just like sex, autoeroticism tired (but with an exquisitely positive meaning) and promotes a peaceful and deep sleep thanks to the release of endorphins that accompanies orgasm.

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5. Decreases menstrual cramps.

Masturbating decreases the levels of prostaglandins responsible for menstrual cramps. That’s why masturbating is good even in “those” days.

6. It is good for the pelvic floor.

Orgasms work the pelvic muscles, a bit like Kegel exercises do. The muscle contractions that accompany the achievement of pleasure help to keep the pelvic floor healthy, also facilitating (among other benefits) all the orgasms to come.

7. Decreases the risk of cancer.

A recent study by Harvard University showed that men who ejaculate 5 or more times a week are 33% less likely to have prostate cancer, thanks to the frequent exchange of seminal and spermatic fluid that decreases infections and inflammations.

8. Improve heart health.

Benefit valid for both her and him, but especially for her: several studies have shown that autoeroticism keeps the heart trained, decreasing the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of mortality among women.

9. Remove the risk of cystitis (and diabetes).

But the health benefits don’t end there: according to scholars Anthony Santella and Spring Chenoa Cooper of the University of Sydney, masturbation lowers the risk of cystitis in women thanks to the exchange of fluids (which “sweep” the bacteria away) and would reduce also the risk of type 2 diabetes in both sexes

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