What exercises to lose from the lower abdomen?

exercises to lose

Do you want to lose the lower belly?To do this, you need to lose weight in general and adapt your diet naturallyBut also the abdominal belt to streng then it an obtain a flat belly effect. As for sports, Fitnext offers you HIIT training and the best exercises to train your deep abdominal muscles and lose your lower abdomen.

Start with complete exercises to lose the lower abdomen

It is good to start your special abdominal session with squats or full lunges. When doing these exercises, remember to roll up your stomach, contract your abs and stand up straight. This adrenergic exercise contributes to the overall removal of fat, but also to the loss of the lower abdomen. For greater efficiency and to target the small buoy in the lower abdomen, complete the session with targeted exercises. The goal will be to work the transverse and the obliques.

To lose the lower abdomen,

focus on the obliques

 and transverse

The transverse muscle is the most important muscle to lose from the lower abdomen and has a flat stomach. It is the deepest muscle of the abs. It is located under the rectum (muscle that is located on the front of the abdominal belt) and the obliques (muscles that are located on the sides of the abdominal belt). When properly reinforced, it keeps the bowels and avoids the boa effect in the lower abdomen.

Avoid crunches. This exercise is not very good for the perineum and only for the rectus abdominal muscles. This muscle certainly brings the chocolate bar effect, but it makes you gain in volume and not the deep abs. It does not allow to maintain organs and does not give the effect of a flat stomach. I work in addition to the obliques. They will bring a “corset” effect and strengthen your results.

1. The face that covers the belly to flatten the belly

The position of the board is the best exercise to strengthen the whole abdominal belt and lose from the lower abdomen.

Make sure to tighten your abs and glutes and turn your pelvis backwards to hook the transverse part and protect the lower back. The head, shoulders and pelvis must remain in line.

2. The side sheath to dress you

The lateral sheath is an excellent exercise to complete the classic board. It targets more obliques and will help you coat your abdominal belt more effectively. Here, you should stand on your side, leaning on your elbow and flat feet. Try to be as erect as possible by raising your hips so that they are in line with your shoulders and feet. Keep your head straight so you don’t hurt yourself. Of course, remember to keep your abs tight. Repeat the exercise left and right.

3.Alternate scissors to lose from the 

lower abdomen to the

upper abdomen

The alternate exercise of the scissors, or kicks, is very effective for the lower abdomen as it addresses the transverse part. It is necessary to perform the exercise in a prone position, move the legs towards the sky and then downwards, alternating between the right and left legs. The descending leg must get as close to the ground as possible without touching it and remaining stretched out. Throughout the exercise, keep your abdominal muscles tight to avoid arching your back and causing pain.

4. Rotations to target

obliques and transversals

The rotary movement forces you to use both the obliques and the transversals. It will help make you lose your lower abdomen.

As with all other exercises, to be effective, one must remember to contract the abdominal muscles, but also to breathe well. While balancing on your buttocks, bend your legs at 90 and lift your feet slightly so that they don’t touch the ground. Make rotations with the torso on the right, then on the left. During the exercise, only the torso must move, the hips must remain facing forward. Try to keep the right side as straight as possible. Help yourself with your arms, placing them on the left when you turn to the left and vice versa.

To lose the lower abdomen, a session of about fifteen minutes is sufficient.You can add it to your usual workouts. Promote HIIT workouts for more effective weight loss and muscle mass development. Fitnext recommends performing the exercises in sequence, 30 seconds each, then repeating them for severallaps (at least 3 times).

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